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Jack Lloyd Talks About The Voluntaryist Comic Book

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

I can't deny that I've gotten into comics in the past couple of years. My collection of graphic novels has quickly grown as I have gotten to know the works of Alan Moore and Frank Miller. Then, after reading parts of Marvel's Civil War series, I was intrigued by some of the libertarian themes. The characters had discussions about the role of government and personal freedom. I wondered if there were other libertarians who also like comic books. That's when I discovered the Voluntaryist Comic, and I knew I had to learn more and find out who was creating this thing.

Have you always enjoyed comic books?

JACK LLOYD: I have generally since I was a kid, especially that which had an animated series with it like with Superman and Batman. I am not a serious collector, but I do have a few pieces that I keep because they are intriguing or rare, like the Amalgam series crossover between Marvel and D.C.

When did you start writing the Voluntaryist Comic?

JACK: I started writing it in 2012, first as a movie script, then as a comic.

What are some of your comic influences?

JACK: The Invincible comic series was definitely one that I look up to for both writing and art. I always enjoyed the character depth and mature tropes.

How long have you considered yourself a libertarian, and what got you into it?

JACK: I have been a libertarian for over 15 years. (It was) learning about the American Eugenics movement and starting to research history with fresh eyes. Alex J was a part, and reading Lysander Spooner, Marc Stevens of the No State Project, and the "Myth of the Rule of Law" by John Hasnas.

What tools and methods do you use to make your comic books?

JACK: I mostly use Photoshop, and the artists I work with use that and/or Illustrator.

Do you prefer art for arts sake, or art with a specific message?

JACK: I think all art has a specific message that the artist wants to convey. The topic of the message just depends on the author. I appreciate art that challenges conventional thinking. I draw a lot on my own life's interests and taking on topics that others refuse to in the mainstream. Art drives the culture and speaks to that which people are feeling and thinking, but are either not able to or ready to articulate.

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