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Artist And Libertarian Lauren Michelle Waggoner

How long have you been making you art? How did you get into it?

Lauren Michelle Waggoner: I always loved art as a kid, but felt discouraged when I'd see other kids excel in ways I didn't, so I thought I was just not any good.

But, in 2019, my therapist encouraged me to get into a hobby that allowed me to express what I was feeling. I started messing with watercolor, and my heart poured out through my paintbrush. It's continued to be a great therapy tool for me.

What are your influences? Who or what inspires you?

Lauren: My trauma, honestly. But also my joys. Van gogh is my favorite artist of all time though! And I follow numerous artists on Instagram who influence my technique and creativity!

Do you create art with a specific message? Or do you prefer art for arts sake?

Lauren: It's just a way to process what's going on inside, so there's no intended message for anyone else, but if it impacts someone, that's always a plus!

What is your creative process like? What tools and methods do you use to make your art?

Lauren: Whatever I'm feeling in the mood for! With acrylics I usually use palette knives to do a kind of impasto style. With watercolor I just use brushes and a hair dryer. With alcohol inks I use a straw and blow it around the canvas.

How long have you considered yourself a libertarian?

Lauren: Since I learned about Ron Paul in 2012. He really woke me up and I went down many rabbit holes.. Haven't looked back since!

Where can people go to view and purchase your art?

Lauren: Just a Facebook page for now -


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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jan 24, 2023

I am in love with Lauren's paintings.

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