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8 Valentine's Gifts For Your Libertarian Lover

If you are searching for unique gift ideas with liberty themes, or are made by libertarians, we have compiled a list of 8 wonderful ideas to help you!

8. Daughters Of Libertea: They have a wide selection of teas for your lover's individual taste. Cozy up with a mug full of Peaceful Dissidence.

7. Healing Burns: Malerie Danielle Moore is a libertarian who makes amazing pyrography art. Your liberty lover would be proud to display her work in your home.

6. Kumbaya Libertarian: Give your lover some unique porcupine quill jewelry, and they are sure to dazzle libertarians at the next convention.

5. Wrens Nest Handmade Pottery: Perhaps some of Eryn Bracco's handmade pottery would be a nice surprise, especially if it supports the anti central bank movement.

4. Mattirondack leather art: Your libertarian lover may love these beautiful handmade leather items made by Matt Gunnell.

3. Blood of Tyrants: Wine is the perfect drink for a romantic evening, and your libertarian lover is sure to enjoy this truly rebellious libation.

2. Earthly Elan: Ash Nelson makes a wide variety of lovely jewelry for those who want to express their individuality in an eco friendly way.

1. Laughing Guardian Farm Soap: Handmade soaps make a great gift, and even more when it supports a libertarian homestead.


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