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8 Albums Made By Libertarians In 2023


Dead Ambassadors “Let me tell you how I really feel”

This punk rock album is filled with angst and a true anti authoritarian attitude. The style is somewhere between Ramones and Joy Division, with notable tracks like “Friendship bracelet” and “You never know”. So grab a beer and flip off the state with this album.


Tatiana Moroz “Love songs for idiots”

Tatiana has been making music for some time, but this album takes her music in a new direction. She is known for her folk/country political songs, but Love songs for idiots has more of a pop feel and more personal lyrics about relationships.


Eyes of a Different Color Vol 1, 2, and 3

Nathan Doomburglar is the mastermind behind Eyes of a different color. In 2023 he has released three separate EPs of instrumental metal music. The music is fast, chaotic, and heavy. Take a journey to the bowels of hell and back through the 3 volumes.


Hundred year dash “Galaxies”

Jaron has been making synth pop music for over a decade, but attempted to make a record of entirely ambient electronic music. Each song title is the name of a galaxy, and each one is uniquely calm. It feels like gently floating across the stars.


3 Bravo “Upheaval”

For those who like classic metal, full of chunky grooves and guitar solos, this is the album for you. You’ll find yourself head banging and singing along to the epic anthem of “2,000 sons”


The Dawn Retreat “Crown of horns”

It’s time to find your skinny jeans and Vans sneakers and rock out to this screamo album. Reminiscent of bands like A day to Remember and Silverstein, it has lots of catchy singable hooks as well as brutal breakdowns. The standout song being “The fear”


Carla Howell “Bouffa’s place”

Perhaps you would rather enjoy some down home folk music. After releasing a number of singles Carla Howell has released her first EP of bluesy folk tunes. While some of her songs are blatantly political, she explores more personal themes on this record.


Captain Kickass “Eleutheromania EP”

Although it’s only three songs, this EP packs a punch. This is raw anarcho metal with openly anti authoritarian lyrics. If you want to paint the town black and gold while listening to chugging guitars, this one is for you.

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