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7 Albums Made By Libertarians In 2021!

Libertarians believe in individuality, and I believe art and creativity ought to be a natural outpouring of a libertarian lifestyle. The following are my favorite albums made by libertarians in the past year!

1. Astasis “Self Titled”

This progressive metal album is not for the faint of heart. The first track is a heavy groovy song, but by the end of the second song things get more experimental and they introduce an unexpected saxophone solo. There is a wide dynamic range between pretty, melodic parts with acoustic instruments, and the dark, brutal metal sections. The album closes with an acoustic song called “Road to Serfdom”.

2. The Interruptors “Live in Tokyo”

Sometimes there is something special about a bands live performances that cannot be completely captured on a studio album. Punk/ska band the Interruptors decided that their first time in Japan would be a great opportunity to record a live album. They include songs from all three previous full length albums with the raw energy that comes with being in front of a crowd. Aimee, and the rest of the band, do not shy away from their message of unity, friendship, and anti government sentiments.

Jason has been honing his craft of songwriting for over a decade and multiple albums. But he decided to make an album of cover songs, each with his unique funk rock spin on them. He covers artists such as Bob Dylan, Prince, the Allman Brothers, the Cure, and many more.

4. Brave Machine “Self Titled”

Tim Yordy is a one man band. His new album is chock full of quirky, pop punk goodness. The single “All Hail the Experts” is an anthem against misinformation and the so-called social media gurus. Songs like “You are loved” take a more power pop feel. The album closes with a synth pop jam called “Dark Planet”

5. Adam Moezinia “Fold Element Trio”

Adam is a talented jazz guitarist and joined up with an incredible backing band for this album. It begins with a bouncy, energetic song called “Celebration” before going into a more mellow jazz tune. Later on Adam does his own rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t think twice, it’s alright” before a face melting guitar solo in “Lisa Lan”.

6. Basstronaut “Harbinger”

If you are more interested in the obscure and intense music, you should check out this album. Basstronaut’s rockabilly punk rock style is full of energy. The second song “Pluto will kill us all” is a frantic, raw punk rock song. As the album continues it is full of surprises and interesting grooves, and even more interesting lyrics. The final track is a brutal punk rock song called “Follow the herd”.

Zuby is a man of many talents and interests, one of which is his music career. After a five year break from his previous album he returns with his 2021 release of “Word of Zuby”. This hip hop album explores social issues, faith, and politics. “Moments” features guest vocals by YONAS, and later Eric July from Backwordz appears on the song “Legacy”.


Looking for libertarian themed childrens books? Check out The Tuttle Twins!

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