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Libertarian And DJ Bugsy Lucks

How long have you been a DJ? What are your influnces?

Bugsy Lucks: I started djing in the year 2000. My influences all stem from rave culture. House, Techno, Drum n Bass, and Breaks.

Who or what inspires you?

Bugsy Lucks: I would say, what I am inspired by are illegal underground warehouse raves, chaos art, and anything that is spontaneous, intuitive and impromptu. I believe anything done on the fly and without forethought creatively and artistically is where the magic dwells.

Do you create art with a specific message, or do you prefer art for arts sake?

Bugsy Lucks: Yes, I create a lot of art with a specific message; for instance my first album Street Gutter Suburbia is revolutionary protest music fighting against tyranny, the war on drugs, human trafficking, and the destruction of liberty.

What is your creative process like?

Bugsy Lucks: Almost everything I do I try to do in one take and on the fly. My creative process is, if I feel the spark of chaos igniting into Dionysian whims of creativity, then I act on it and create the initial forms. Then I take those forms and render them if needed into Apollonian structures of refined messages of art.

What tools and methods do you use when you DJ?

Bugsy Lucks: To this day I still use Technic turntables and vinyl records mostly. I also have a run down pair of Pioneer CDJ 1000’s that are from like 2007.

How long have you considered yourself a libertarian?

Bugsy Lucks: I have been Libertarian since I was a kid. My family has always been libertarian. A matter of fact, my Uncle Dean VanGundy of Grand Junction, Colorado actually paid and organized for Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul to come to Colorado Mesa University to speak in 2014. I got the opportunity to meet them both.

What do you think the role of art should be in the libertarian movement?

Bugsy Lucks: I think the role of art in the Libertarian movement should be about liberty. I think the purpose of all art of any medium is, and will always be, about the freedom of expression and the right to do as we want, in any way we want as artists, individuals and free thinkers. Do What You Want To Do and Let The Chips Fall Where They May.

Where can people go to listen to your music?


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