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Film Maker And Libertarian Vinnie Vineyard

How long have you been making film projects?

Vinnie Vineyard: Since 2020. Before that, Big N Funky Productions were making crappy wrestling TV, offbeat paranormal television, comedy skits and music videos.

My colleague, Big Luke (my tag team partner), wanted to make a horror movie for over a year. I was like "Blaaaaaaaaah. Whatever." But when COVID hit, and we heard that Hollywood wasn't making movies, we knew it was time to strike. So our libertarian asses made one during the NO NO time.

What are your influences? Who are what inspires you?

Vinnie: Jesus, that's tough. Oh! Jesus... would be one.

For movies, I like how Kevin Smith made it OK for dialogue driven comedy movies to exist. That's our strength too. Evil Dead is fun for the horror flavor we have. I just like good original storytelling. So much cinema does the same story over and over and I get sick of that. A24's new movies are original and great. Nick Cage's new movie about himself was pretty great for originality. I can't believe I just listed Nick Cage...

What can you tell me about your upcoming film Camp Smokey?

Vinnie: That's Luke's movie. We are going away from comedy to make a sole horror movie, and that scares me to death. I'm comfortable with making jokes. I want people laughing for the right reasons. This movie is a story about how a kid at a correctional summer camp escapes a demon attack that killed everyone in front of his eyes, and how he grows up to be a man alone in the woods. One day, the demons find him. Fist fights ensue.

What has the film-making process been like for this project?

Vinnie: For WJHC AM it was fun for the most part. We had air conditioning. But for The Hike and Camp Smokey it's all about walking, hiking, humidity, sweat, bugs, swamp ass, evil plants, fake blood, heat, and butt funk. Sticky.

Do you create art with a specific message, or do you prefer art for art's sake?

Vinnie: Yeah, I get a little preachy. We make ridiculous movies then we put in serious messages. Probably a serious flaw of ours. These 6 movies, The Smoky Mountain Chronicles, we are calling fables. All fables have moral of the story moments. The Hike was about not judging people based on preconceived notions, WJHC AM was a warning not to waste your life, because life is a gift. See? Who needs to hear that shit?

What is your creative process like? What tools and methods do you use to make your films?

Vinnie: It depends on the movie. Luke has his own process... most of his stuff is in his head. I'm like that too, but my best creativity comes from my personal history. I like retelling old stories. I've had an insane personal history: Bail Bonds, Taxi driver, pro wrestler, touring musician, ghost hunter, neighborhood super hero, and the list goes on. Since Norm MacDonald passed away, I'm the new king of the Shaggy Dog Story. All those stories are (mostly) true, and long af.

How long have you considered yourself a libertarian?

Vinnie: I knew I wasn’t part of Team "Jewish Space Lazer", or Team "These Are Hurtful Pronouns" for decades. I hated war and being told what to do, and I recognized that the government was complete bullshit and ineffective at everything. I was always one I think. I just never knew the word. I can thank papa Ron Paul and Mancow Muller for the term awareness.

What do you think the role of art should be in the libertarian movement?

Vinnie: Just keep reinforcing troupes of liberty, and always encourage free thought. Avoid labels, becoming too preachy, or being overbearing.

Where can people go to watch your films?

Vinnie: You can watch The Hike for free on Amazon Prime. WJHC AM is currently a critical darling, but you have to buy it on Bluray/DVD at the moment. It's available at Wal Mart, Amazon, Best Buy, FYE and a zillion other places.


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