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Fiction Author And Libertarian John Gibson

How long have you been writing novels?

John Gibson: 2006 is when I started. I self-published my first novel in 2009, and have been writing ever since. 2018 was when I was awarded my first publishing contract with an actual publisher.

What are your influences? Who or what inspires you?

John: My primary (literary) influences are Stephen King, Fannie Flagg, John Grisham, and Nicholas Sparks. I’m a huge sucker for a good plot twist, so any time an author (or filmmaker, storyteller, et cetera) can make that happen – and make it believable – that’s an inspiring thing for me. I also like vivid verbal imagery that creates a picture using only words. The best authors do that well too.

What can you tell me about your newest book "Davidity"?

John: “Davidity” is the story of a former U.S. Marine who has reached rock bottom and wants to reconnect with his estranged daughter. He struggles with substance abuse and, after going through treatment, finds a job working private security for a billionaire financier (think: Jeffrey Epstein). Through the course of that, he uncovers a dark secret about his boss that affects him personally, and ends up seeking guidance and counsel from his former Navy chaplain (who is also going through some personal and professional struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic). It’s a story of friendship and support with a plot twist and ending that you don’t see coming.

On a side note: this technically isn’t my “newest” book. I just finished – and sent to the publisher – my newest book, titled “Soul Sanctum.” This is a story about football, family, and community that is actually the sequel to my other (award-winning book, “Soul Sprints.”) “Soul Sanctum” will be published later this year.

Do you create art with a specific message? Or do you prefer art for arts sake?

John: Mostly art for art’s sake; but every piece – or story – should have a message. For me, the message is usually about overcoming obstacles and nefarious elements, usually in the name of what is right, or in the name of freedom.

What is your creative process like? What tools and methods do you use to write your novels?

John: Whenever I have an idea, I’ll usually sit with the idea for a little while before trying to write it out. I’ve gotten better about outlining and using flow charts as I’ve gotten older, but for me – I’ll mostly just write. The first – very rough - draft is just me getting it on paper and putting in anything I think I might want in there. Then, I’ll usually go through the full-length story at least once before letting others (whom I trust) read it and make suggestions. From there, I’ll go through it about 1-2 more times before it’s ready to be a final product.

How long have you considered yourself a libertarian?

John: 2012. I was all in for Mitt Romney during the presidential election, but gave up on him after he reneged on his pledge to completely overturn Obamacare, and instead, “keep parts of it.” I had been trending libertarian for some time before that, but Romney’s gaslighting and lies is what sealed it for me. I voted for Gary Johnson in ’12 and ’16, and Jo in ’20…and of course, other folks for other offices along the way, too.

What do you think the role of art should be in the libertarian movement?

John: Art should be front and center in the libertarian movement, no question. Liberty is the most beautiful part of the entire human existence, I’m convinced, and thus as a consequence, liberty lends itself to being represented well in all of the art forms. Additionally, art has a singular ability to change people’s hearts and minds in a way that no politician or other institution can. So I definitely think artists need to be using their artistic mediums to do those things.

Where can people go to find your novels?

and wherever books are sold!



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