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6 Gift Ideas For The Weird Libertarian You Know

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Are you having trouble finding a unique gift for the uniquely weird libertarian friend or family member? Here are six great ideas from creative libertarians!

1. Jack Lloyd is the mastermind behind the Voluntaryist Comic. There are already several issues in which his super heroes fight the powers of statism!

Check it out at here

2. Citizens Against Hypocrisy is an expansion pack to the popular party game “Cards against humanity”. It was created by the Libertarian Party of Alabama and the proceeds help fund the organization. This is a great addition to the original game!

Check it out here

3. At Defy the Power, you can choose from a wide variety of libertarian themed tumblers made by John Morrisey!

Check them out here

4. Lady Voluntary makes creative, libertarian themed artwork on shirts, hoodies, and posters!

Check out her clothing line here

5. Paul Thompson is a libertarian and a fiction author. His recent book “Drosselmeyer: Curse of the rat king” is a prequel to the nutcracker story, but with more action!

Buy on Amazon here

6. Matt Miller is an excellent painter who has made a whole collection of portraits of notable libertarian thinkers through out history! You can buy prints and originals on his website!

Check out his portraits here


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