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Nominees for the 2022 Libertarians Who Make Art Awards

Short Story:

1. "Sarah Mae's Holiday" by Rob Grindstaff

2. "FedEx" by Sam Robb


1. "All In" by Tyler Woodbridge

2. "Drosselmeyer: Curse of the Rat King" by Paul Thompson

3. "Rising Darkness" by Joshua A Dodd



1. "Disobey" by Jack Lloyd and Pho Chan

2. "I'm Tired Of You Dropping Bombs In My Name" by Shawn Osborne

3. "Pendulum" by Michael Kupris (Crusade)

4. "Doom Me Once" by Keith Nolan

5. "Baritone Boogie" by Zach Medlin

6. "All Hail The Experts" by Tim Yordy (Brave Machine)

7. "The Zozo" by Bob Ledner

8. "Kings" by Blaine Matte (Astasis)

9. "Yak Yak Bourbon" by Carla Howell


1. "Folk Element Trio" by Adam Moezinia

2. "Intentions And Interpretations" by Jason Lee McKinney

3. "Manor House October" by Adam Graham

Visual Art:

1. "Liberty Portraits" by Matt Miller

2. "The Dancers" by Martin Mora

3. "The Blood Tax" by Meredith Hayes

4. "1964 Olds Holiday" by David Tartaglia



1. "The Hike" by Vinnie Vineyard


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